Fashion Camp Denver Fall Edition

Fall for Fashion: Fashion Camp
Saturday, October 14th 2017
2875 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80205

Wahoooo!!! We are so excited to announce our fall fashion camp to be held in a fun warehouse on 28th and Blake on Saturday, October 14th from 8am-3pm. Our fashion camp is designed for kiddos ages 5-11 to get creative and let their passion for fashion explode.

Fashion Denver fashion camp

Photo by Meredith Harris

We’ll have local fashion industry leaders speak and lead our campers with fashion activities as they learn about different careers in the fashion industry. Activities include an ice breaker activity for the campers to get to know each other, accessory design, upcycling a t-shirt into a dress , learning how to pose in front of the camera and on the runway, and much more!

Fashion Denver fashion camp

Photo by Meredith Harris

Details are unfolding so come back for the full run down!

Early bird signup
$75.00 $95.00

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Fashion Camp Spring 2017 Edition

Fashion Camp Spring Edition
Saturday, April 1st 2017
Green Spaces
2590 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205

10am registration
10:20am BEGINS FUN!
4:30pm fashion show!

Early Bird Special $75.00 (registration is at the bottom)
Goes up to $95.00 March 20th

Fashion Denver’s fashion camps are designed to unleash the creativity for kids interested in the fashion world. With special guests from the Colorado fashion community to hands on activities in designing accessories and an outfit, our campers end the day with a walk down the runway in their design that they created.

This one day camp includes the following:

Kindness coordination activity: We have a special guest come in and do a “getting to know you activity” as an icebreaker for the campers to get to make new friends, share goals and fears, and most importantly, understand that fashion, beauty and style is from within and that each of them are beautiful human beings. Maya McDowell, Fashion Denver intern, model, yoga instructor and writer will be leading the Kindness coordination activity in which our campers will write a journal entry and chose a word that will take them throughout the day. We’ll incorporate their word into their outfit that they create!

Sketching / brainstorming / drawing:  Krista Shiner is going to take the campers on an artistic journey sharing her adventures as an artist. Each camper will take the piece of art that they create and add it to the dress that they make. During this time they will also sketch out what their outfit will look like.  

Fashion Denver's fashion camp

Design and create: This is where the campers really have fun as they dive into learning the design process. Typically our campers are between the ages of 5-11 so we do not get into the nitty gritty of sewing but work to recycle / repurpose and an old piece of clothing or create a brand new dresss / shirt with a blank t-shirt. It is so much fun to see what our campers create with the same materials! Jeremy Williard is our lead designer and shares his creativity and inspiration, assisting the campers in turning their idea into reality.

Zach Burke and Owen Wilson will lead the campers on an activity unleash creativity and using recycled bits and bobs to make an accessory.

Model coaching: We believe that models should be all shapes and sizes and that truly beauty is captivated in the uniqueness of all of our campers. Maya McDowell, will bring it full circle with the journal entry and the word and will empower the campers to walk with confidence and pose for the camera.

Hair & makeup: Our campers get pampered when we partner up with salons across the city who bring their creativity and experience to fashion camp. Each of our campers get their hair and makeup done with their creativity and input given to our stylists. For this camp, we’ll feature hair and makeup artist Shanelle Lynn of Henry’s Salon. In the past we’ve worked with Glamour Bar, 3 Little Birds Salon and Flaunt Salon, and independent stylists.

Debut on the runway:  At the end of fashion camp, we roll out our red carpet and campers get to show off their designs that they’ve been working on. It is so much fun to see their creativity and heart on the runway!

Photography: Throughout the day, the amazing Meredith Harris captures the day and the fashion show. All photos are available to view and share after camp is over.

Fashion Camp is a day to remember! With new friendships being formed, creativity exploding through fashion, and confidence coming out as each hour goes by, it truly is a joy to witness. We strongly encourage parents to stay for the fun and participate!

We are so grateful for the volunteers who help to make fashion camp possible! Thank you to Meredith Harris (our photographer), Jeremy Williard (in-house designer), Molli and Kelly for being our adult volunteers overseeing the creativity, and to all of the amazing designers, stylists, models that have been involved over the past few years. We are so grateful!!

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Fashion Camp July 23, 2016
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Fashion Camp Winter Edition

fashioncampdecemberSaturday, January 21st
Green Spaces
2590 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205
$95.00 includes materials

Activities for the day include:
– Getting to know you! We’ll be doing a fun activity for the campers to get to know each other. We like to start our day out with kindness!

-Accessory making! We’ll be making jewelry with found objects.

-Art Heart! Our kiddos will be designing a piece of art for the holidays. With this activity lead by our partners at The Urban Angels, doing good for our city.

– T-Shirt recovery! We’ll be taking a plain white shirt and completely converting it into a dress / shirt / skirt combo, or anything that our camper desires. Darlene C. Ritz will be joining us for this with her awesome t-shirt tying and embellishing skills! Darlene is Chair of Fashion Design at RMCAD, an instructor and designer. This will include stenciling, embellishing, no sew techniques for altering to give the t-shirt some shape, painting, and whatever the imagination can create.

Fashion Camp

-Learn to walk the runway and pose for the camera. We LOVE bringing in designers and models to share their talent with our young ones, giving them confidence and showing them how to strut their stuff! Alyssa O’Harold is a recent graduate of Barbizon and will be going to IMTA in New York in July. Fashion Camp

-Hair and makeup done by a Denver salon.

-The Fashion Show and debut of their designs!

Fashion Camp Holiday Edition
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Welcome to Fashion Camp!

The purpose of Fashion Denver’s Fashion Camp is to provide adolescents and teenagers with exposure and hands on experience in the fashion world on a local level. Fashion is so much more than what models are wearing on the runway and in magazines, it’s about sharing our own self expression outwardly in what we chose to wear. One of our missions is to encourage adolescents and teenagers to truly be comfortable in who they are and letting their unique style shine.


Our camp is action packed with industry experts providing hands on activities to engage our campers. Experts include but are not limited to; designers, magazine editors, manufacturing companies, boutique owners, salon owners and stylists, models and event producers.

Our world is rapidly changing and fast fashion (fashion often made cheaply and overseas) has become something that is changing our environment. One of our focusses is on sustainability. Each camper will make their own design out of recycled materials. Whether it’s converting Dad’s ol’ baseball jersey to a new dress or making a pair of pants and top out of a pair of Grandpa’s long johns, our campers use their imagination and creativity to design something completely new and fun.

We love seeing process to completion. As camp draws to a close, we celebrate by having each of our campers walk the runway in their design. This is of course after they’ve learned to walk the runway, pose for the camera, and get their hair and makeup done! We also work with a professional photographer to capture the final fashion show and the course of activities throughout the day(s).