Welcome to Fashion Camp!

The purpose of Fashion Denver’s Fashion Camp is to provide adolescents and teenagers with exposure and hands on experience in the fashion world on a local level. Fashion is so much more than what models are wearing on the runway and in magazines, it’s about sharing our own self expression outwardly in what we chose to wear. One of our missions is to encourage adolescents and teenagers to truly be comfortable in who they are and letting their unique style shine.


Our camp is action packed with industry experts providing hands on activities to engage our campers. Experts include but are not limited to; designers, magazine editors, manufacturing companies, boutique owners, salon owners and stylists, models and event producers.

Our world is rapidly changing and fast fashion (fashion often made cheaply and overseas) has become something that is changing our environment. One of our focusses is on sustainability. Each camper will make their own design out of recycled materials. Whether it’s converting Dad’s ol’ baseball jersey to a new dress or making a pair of pants and top out of a pair of Grandpa’s long johns, our campers use their imagination and creativity to design something completely new and fun.

We love seeing process to completion. As camp draws to a close, we celebrate by having each of our campers walk the runway in their design. This is of course after they’ve learned to walk the runway, pose for the camera, and get their hair and makeup done! We also work with a professional photographer to capture the final fashion show and the course of activities throughout the day(s).

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