About Fashion Camp

Brandi Shigley's original paper purse drivers license and credit card

Brandi Shigley’s original paper purse drivers license and credit card

Fashion camp was started in 2013 when Brandi Shigley, founder of Fashion Denver found her paper purse driver’s license that she made in 3rd grade. It was upon that finding that she realized her passion for fashion began at an early age and with the support of school, family and friends she was able to express creativity through her paper purses.

Flash forward to 1999 when Shigley started her handbag line ‘B.Shigley Designs’ that went international within a year of putting her bags online. In 2004, Shigley founded Fashion Denver to create a platform for fashion businesses to grow, connect, and flourish.

Bringing things full circle and back to the fuel that started the passion for fashion, Shigley’s highlight of Fashion Denver is coordinating fashion camps and seeing the youth flourish with creativity!

Brandi Shigley